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January 27, 2005
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Red Admiral Butterfly by Tasuki-no-Miko Red Admiral Butterfly by Tasuki-no-Miko
Heyas!! This is Hakumei, my Naruto OC for the *narutofanclubís contest: Design Your Own Nin!! Feel free to read the information if you want, but itís not necessary ^^. Also, yes, I reused one of my old backgrounds again for this picture, but I was running out of time, so I decided to go along with it.

Enjoy the crappu art~!!

General Info:

Name: Kaiteki Hakumei
Age: 15
Rank: Genin, has barely entered the Academy
Village: Mist
Likes: the color blue, mochi, spicy foods, baking, watercolor painting, sketching, playing musical instruments, archery, sword fighting, martial arts, writing, swimming.
Dislikes: dark, enclosed spaces, solo missions, conflicts between friends, spiders, fire, smog, glaring lights, drunkards, abusive people.


General fighting style: Hakumeiís style is in essence a combination of speed and illusions along with a superior knowledge of the nervous system. The young girl first confuses and hallucinates her enemies, then uses her superior speed to approach her adversaries and incapacitate them by breaking a nerve connection. Her genjutsu is probably her strongest area; although her ninjutsu is superb and Hakumei can use it to full effect, generally her techniques do not require a large amount of ninjutsu. When it comes to taijutsu, Hakumeiís strength is speed, though she also has some skill in archery and sword fighting. Because of her small frame, Hakumei does not have a large amount of brute physical power; surprisingly, she has a lot of chakra for her size.


Asamoya no Jutsu (Morning Mist Technique): In order to perform this jutsu, some source of bright light must be available, as well as some source of water, or preferably mist. The Asamoya no Jutsu changes the frequencies of waves that a ninja can visibly observe. Often, Hakumei uses this technique against opponents to render them unable to see a particular type of light, or in extreme cases, no light at all. This is accomplished through coating waves of light with water or mist, and shooting the light into an opponentís eyes, where Hakumei will manipulate the mist in order for the waves that reach the retina to be skewed. This is Hakumeiís ultimate technique, but it requires much concentration and energy, and Hakumeiís success rate with this technique has only been around 50%. If performed incorrectly, it can even damage one's own eyes.


Unsanmushou no Jutsu (Vanishing Like Mist Technique): This jutsu requires the presence of a large body of water or ice, such as a large lake, river, or in ideal cases a sea, ocean, or iceberg. The jutsu increases the pressure around water to the pressure necessary for sublimation or boiling at whatever temperature the ninja is in at that moment, automatically converting ice or water into vapor. The vapor then condenses, providing an almost opaque wall around the adversary, allowing the ninja to sneak up and attack.

Kyousei Tairyuu Futtou no Jutsu (Forced Boiling Technique): This jutsu also requires moisture of some kind, whether frozen, liquid, or mist. This jutsu increases the pressure around the moisture to that which is above the critical point Ė however, at the same time, the technique stabilizes the temperature to around body temperature. This technique gives off the appearance that water/moisture is boiling and scalding hot, while in actuality the water is warm and pleasant. Hakumei uses this technique to drive away gullible enemies who fear being scalded by boiling water. However, most of the time when a ninja that is above a chuunin witnesses this attack, they are not fooled more than once.


Akatatehachou no Jutsu (Red Admiral Butterfly Technique): This jutsu is part of Hakumeiís special Chinese warrior background. It is activated when a member of the Wu clan goes through a very traumatizing experience. Whenever the nin is exposed to something that reminds him or her heavily of their past experience, they go into a rage that prevents them from being fully aware of their actions. The sign of this jutsu being put into play is their eyes changing from their natural color to a deep, red color. The difficulty about using this technique is that it is very hard to control, and although the technique makes oneís senses more keen and thus enables them to be better fighters, without proper control, a ninja could potentially injure or kill an ally.

Weaponry: Since Hakumei is of Chinese background, she does not tend to use Japanese ninja weapons as often as her comrades; although she has mastered the use of a kunai and shuriken, Hakumei prefers to use a sword or bows and arrows. Her favorite type of sword is a katana, though she can easily adapt to most other swords as well. When it comes to bows and arrows, for some peculiar reason, Hakumei always carries around seven arrows with her, no more, no less. She is surprisingly fast despite the weight and cumbersomeness of these weapons, and can often easily overcome opponents.

Hakumei is the daughter of a prominent Tíai Chi Quan master and his wife. As a child, Hakumei was brought up to value life and honor, and she was very eager to take up Tíai Chi with her father. However, when Hakumei was but eight years old, she witnessed her parents being massacred by a group of ninja who called themselves ďninjas of the Mist Village.Ē Hakumei managed to escape during the mass murders, though she managed to catch a glimpse of the man who killed her very own parents. It was at this time that the young girl acquired her sole hijutsu, the Akatatehachou no Jutsu. Afterwards, Hakumei wandered around the now ninja-occupied village for seven years, stealing food to stay alive. At the end of these seven years, she was discovered by the very same man who killed her parents. The man, seeing Hakumeiís blossoming beauty and determined eyes, took Hakumei back to Japan with him as his daughter. He enrolled Hakumei in the Mist Village Ninja Academy, and although Hakumei did not protest, secretly in her heart a burning hatred still lurks, and Hakumeiís main goal during training seems to be strengthening up to get revengeÖ

Any other information:
Hakumeiís original name was Wu Shu Xin, which translates to Kaiteki Hakumei, which her adoptive parents thought more suitable for a ninja.
Although Hakumei has only been enrolled in the Academy for about a month, she is already preparing for the chuunin exam, which is in about a month.
Hakumei is quite bright, and enjoys attending regular school as well as the Academy.
Hakumei chooses to wear a red headband with her headplate to symbolize the bloodshed she witnessed as a child. At times, she removes the headplate to stir up vengeful feelings, which helps her use the Akatatehachou no Jutsu. She also wears the headplate on the left side of her head, as she does not wish to show blatant support for the Mist Village.

I think that's it!! Congrats to those who read the whole description, hehe.
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